Interesting perceptions of people about engagement rings

There are different perceptions of people about the engagement rings. Sometimes even men and women have different thoughts and this article will through light on those perceptions.

Risk of divorce increase if the engagement risk is more expensive

It is common perception among the people and the recent study at the Emory University shows that there is higher risk of divorce among those couples who spent between two thousand $ to four thousand $ were 1.3 times more likely to dig up divorced than those who spent from five $ to 1 thousand $, in addition women take more stress about the expenses of wedding whose rings cost are high and thus prolific engagements can become a cause of unparalleled fiscal trauma, which could bring a result in the form of dissolution of the marriage in most of cases. So, one should be careful at the time of buying engagement rings.

Association of ring price with relationship

Another common practice of people is that most of couples associate the price of ring with the importance of relationship in the eyes of his or her partner. Every time you mark an engagement photo of someone on you news feeds, whether you are conscious of it or not, but you check out the ring and intuitively originate conclusions about the nuptials of that couple and most of the people also thought that the shinning in the ring of newly engaged couple is a reflection of their success as a pair. Most importantly, the size of the engagement ring has also matters a lot; they thought that large size of ring will be beneficial for better relation.

Symbol of love

Most of the people thought that engagement rings are the symbol of love. These rings have much importance for them and they keep these rings along them, carefully, throughout their lives. Many people are happy to receive their ring regardless of its size. But some people thought that these rings are not symbols of love but they are more a symbol of commitment and the engagement itself and they don’t feel a need of these sort of things from their partner to know whether someone love them or not. According to these people emotions are more important than expensive gifts. It also interesting, that women are more concern about engagement rings than men. Most of the women have lot of concerns about the size and the material of ring.